FloodLAMP Test Training Video Course
Video 03 - 1X Inactivation Saline Solution Prep

Shows the preparation of the 1X inactivation saline solution (IXSSS). This reagent is added to the sample which in then heated, breaking open the virus and releasing the RNA for subsequent amplification.


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All right, so we are on step 2 here, which is make the inactivation saline solution, the 1XISS. And we got some amounts here. We'll probably just change this to five. But this is for sort of a small batch, medium batch, and a large batch. I got everything set up over here in my drawers, so it's all handy and easy to access. I highly recommend having some standard sizes. If you're doing these really small runs, five. Actually, I did 5.05 a while ago. Even if you just do five, you'll have enough. And I want to walk through using our log sheets. So what that looks like here is this form. This would be a new one. And so you would write down the ID. In this case it's just a number. This one is not underscore 210427 dash 1214. I actually have another sheet with this one but I'm sort of showing you filling this out. There's a freeze expiration and a thaw expiration. You read that off of the tube. This would be 0422 and this one is it's 0222. This one is 222. So fill out your name here. One, 17. There we go. So the key here is every time you make the 1XISS, you fill out a line. It is 1pm. And we give this a designation 0117-1. Then we put the saline dash one then we put the saline information this one is a SAO underscore 21 10 zero seven dash five mil these are some different names. Oh, I forgot a zero, 10, 07. And this head expiration of 10, 22. So the saline here is 5.05, And then the 100x will be 50.5. So get set up. Oh, look, it's already set at 50.5. Done this recently. So the key here is to write down the amounts first. And I'm going to be using, overall, the run app short form. But I'm going to show you the long form as well. I like to keep the forms underneath. Okay, so here we go. I can start filling this out for the day. Okay, heaters are on and I'm working on making that. Got that. We are in a special setup here, so I'm not able to wear my goggles. So we wipe the tubes. So we're going to come back to this guy. So now this is the short version of the run sheet. I recommend when you start, You start with the long one. This one corresponds to the mini system. We have one for the standard system. And this one has, this is what you're going to be using to practice all of the items that are checked on our certification. So you want your pen labeled with green tape, separation of the post-amp area. Got that. Heaters are on. And now this is an important part. The heater indicator light is lit. If you just turn this on, it's easy to think it's hot, and then it's not, and you go to use it. So all the heaters have a heating indicator light, so know what that is. It looks like little flames coming up there. So you notice these are very similar, except this just has some extra steps. This fits on one page. This is three pages. So it also has the common infractions here, which you'll want to watch out for. So I'm going to keep checking this as we go, Though the one I'm going to fill out mainly is this one for a run. This is what you'll use once you get certified or once you get comfortable. OK, so back to making the 1X. Got our saline. Got our samples here. Let's get those out of the way. Let's get the clipboard out of the way. Actually for the clipboard, what's important is to follow the SOP for making the saline. So it says to vortex the 100X for 10 seconds. Okay and then we're going to add the 100th volume, our 50.5 here. And then we're going to vortex again. We're also going to make sure we label this tube. Well, we'll do it after we go here. So I like to open the tube that's going in first. Oops, do this face up. It's out of the way. It doesn't look like it got all the way down. There you go, 50.5. So you notice here you always want to check the tip, see the liquid fully in the tip, no big air bubbles, no problems. Here you want to be careful because we didn't spin this guy down. So now we vortex this guy. It says for bigger tubes to invert it. Keep vortexing it. There we go. So now I'd like to do this step before the samples come in the door as a part of the morning prep. And then right on the tube. For good hygiene there, put this info here. Okay, check off that you did it. Oh, I'm sorry, we haven't done this step yet. This is adding it. We did the prep. So we'll come back to this in just a sec. OK. We are done with making the 1X.