FloodLAMP Rapid Molecular Test Training Program

After the launch of our first several COVID surveillance screening pilots, we created the following video-based course to scalably train people with little or no lab experience. The training program comprehensively covers how to run the actual COVID test (i.e. the assay) as well as aspects of site management and results tracking. Detailed training on the FloodLAMP Mobile App and overall testing program administration is not included in this Test Training Program.
Revolutionized by AI - Proof of Concept Custom Chatbot
As with nearly all aspects of the work we did at FloodLAMP during the COVID pandemic, the recent advances in AI invite a complete reimagining of this type of hands-on technical training program. Even incorporating *just* a custom chatbot, implemented with a current GPT-4 level model, is game changing. This gives the trainee real-time, interactive support that is immensely helpful in mastering the material that is both procedurally intensive and involves intimidating scientific terminology. Extending from the chatbot, we envision a comprehensive multimodal system that intelligently delivers tailored content and guidance throughout the training process, and then continuing to support throughout all operations. For the lab setting, a hands-free system with voice-activated input and audio-visual output is ideal, and achievable with current technology.

We've implemented proof-of-concept custom chatbots on several platforms. This initial effort utilizes a subset of the testing and protocol documents we have available. Notably, with these basic, unoptimized RAG ("retrieval augmented generation") tools, there is degradation in answer accuracy when adding the course video transcripts to the baseline test training protocol document. This may be due to dilution of the most relevant chunks in retrieval. For more information, refer to this link for details on this initial manual performance evaluation.

The POC custom chatbots developed and hosted using Streamlit which is an open-source Python library for data science and machine learning web apps. We invite you to test them.

FloodLAMP Test Training Custom Chatbot - LangChain using GPT-4 (v1.1)

FloodLAMP Test Training Custom Chatbot - OpenAI Assistants using GPT-4 (v1.2)
FloodLAMP QuickColorTM COVID-19 Test Flow
The test is relatively simple, consisting of 2 steps which each use 2 components. We are currently compiling more technical materials for publication, so stay tuned if that is of interest.
Interactive Self Study Course Implemented on the Moodle Platform
Our interactive self-study course, hosted on the Moodle platform, offered an innovative approach to training individuals from various backgrounds in disease testing protocols. The comprehensive video library of 17 detailed tutorials was delivered through the online education platform, Edpuzzle,  enabling view auditing and dynamic question integration. Trainees engage with the material at a practical level in service of mastering key concepts as they are actually demonstrated in the videos. This self-paced learning is validated through Moodle's online quizzes and a two-page certification checklist, culminating in a self-recorded test run trainees score themselves. Only after a successful recorded run, the trainees submit the video and the scored certification checklist to FloodLAMP staff, which reduces the time spent by staff. See the flowchart below for details.