FloodLAMP Test Training Video Course
Video 04 - Inactivation Reaction

Shows adding the inactivation solution to the sample tubes, followed by heating the samples, then allowing to cool at room temperature.


Test Trainer  [0:00](https://vimeo.com/668089545/f7ec03055b?ts=0)
So we're going to be intaking the sample tubes. I can show you our set of instructions we got here. I got handy printouts. Step 1 of 8, intake sample tubes. It says clean tubes, spray wipe with ethanol. And you can intake at the app at this point but we like to wait to save time so we are going to wait till it's on the amp heating and the reason is if if somebody didn't collect any app or for whatever reason there was a problem we've run it anyway and we try to sort it out later. So here's what we got. So we got a clean surface here. It happens to be a nice metal surface. So we're just going to give these guys quick spray. Sometimes we do this in a bin. Just a few of them we have here. Just then get them nice and dry. Just try to get the fingerprints off. Okay, that's it.

Test Trainer  [1:15](https://vimeo.com/668154271/8db8846029?ts=65000)
So we're on step 3 here, which is add the 1X inactivation saline solution to the sample tubes. It's one mil. So we're going to use our little pipette or pull it to the front, set it at a thousand. This guy's out of the way. We're going to do it one sample tube at a time. If you notice in our short run sheet, it's just one line here. In our longer run sheet here, we did this guy. Got the extra steps described here. So we did these. The volumes are correct. We did 50 for five mils. The way you can think about this is this is 5,000 divided by 100 makes 50 microliters. The mixing was correct. And now we're on to that step. So these are all the things we check. Okay. So this is pretty straightforward. Just going to pop this guy open. We're going to do these, get this guy open. Now this is the step where you're opening the dry sample tubes here. So you don't want to drop the tubes out. You don't want to splash the solution. I like to spin the tubes. I sort of bend these tubes. You may be using a different kind of tube. You may be using a bigger 5-mil tube, and you may be using a dispenser as well for the larger volumes. We're demonstrating the small amount here. And number five. And one thing is, notice we still have a little bit left. That's why we add the .05. You don't strictly need that though because you add 50 microliters. So five and the 50 from the 100X gives you an end of 5.05. But we're going to use this for our negative control. Okay so these guys are all good so we're gonna vortex these. You can do them all in a rack. Just got to be careful not to drop them. It's a little tricky. Okay. Now, we're going to put it in the heater. Turn on the timer. Now we wait.

Test Trainer  [5:42](https://vimeo.com/668226123/14d1448aed?ts=342000)
Okay, it's almost done. Okay. There we go. So pull these guys off. There we go. Got to give it at least five minutes to cool. And per the protocol, the longer protocol, It says make sure to put in the fridge before the 30 minute mark. That would be 30 minutes from when you pull them off. So you don't want to leave them sitting at room temp for more than that. Okay, that's it.