FloodLAMP Test Training Video Course
Video 10 - Logging Run

Shows the completion of a lab run, including updating results in an app, logging the run with a form link, and uploading a photo of the results.


Test Trainer  [0:00](https://vimeo.com/668260417/9a1877e852?ts=0)
So we finished our run and we got our photo. Everything went smooth. We had no surprise positives. So we will update in the app here. Let's do that first. We got our batch here of five tubes, and then we hit update, we hit result, negative, update status, select the same one, and we hit notify, and this won't actually send out notifications. This is a remnant of when we did do that. We did design the app to do that, I should say. OK, so now we have updated the results in the app. Check that guy off. And we just got one last thing to do here, and that is to log the run with the form link. So we're gonna go in here to that guy. Put in my name. Put in my FloodLAMP address. Whichever email address you use, just try to stick with the same one so we know who you are. We are at MBC Biolabs in San Carlos. We had five samples. Our batch ID was 220117-1. And now we hit this and choose to take a photo. Okay. And center it there. Now we have a record of this. We upload it. Okay. Now we did not use a lookup, a run lookup. If you want to, notice there's a map that you can write in on the back. So we didn't use that, but we could. We always want to do a photo of the results. There we go. It's a boring set of photos. Usually it's some fun photos of the kids. There we go. Okay. Didn't have any initial inconclusives. No notes to report. Pretty standard run. And there you go. And so now that's registered. Alright. And I can check this off and file this away. All right. There we go. Now we're done. Another run under our belt. Thanks for watching!