FloodLAMP Test Training Video Course
Video 11 - Large Scale Clean and Dispense

Shows the process of preparing and handling numerous sample tubes for testing, emphasizing the need for careful organization, checking and securing lids, and efficiently dispensing inactivation solution. Practical tips are demonstrated.


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Okay, so we're going to handle the sample so I'm going to get on my canary gown. I just leave it tight at the neck and put on over my lab coat. Oh, I got a tear. Oh, got a tear. There we go. That's not ideal, but we're gonna roll with it. We're going to roll with it Okay. All right. So got a dispenser all set up. Just, I guess go ahead and take, and take the samples over here. Try and wear my face shield again. It just keeps fogging up. Okay. So here we go. I've been asking people not to write their names on because it makes me think that they haven't collected in the app, but So far that's not been persuasive. So this part can be a little bit time consuming, so if you have a helper, this is a good thing to have them help with. In fact, if they're on site, you could even have them start this before the collection cutoff time because most people have deposited right now. Let's see, it's not going to work. Okay. So, two tubes here. We have about 35 mostly preschool families. So this could be over 100 people. I can't see it here so I'll just turn this like this. Way. Here's a big bag. Small tube in a big bag. How did that happen? We'll use this to put small bags. Lots of bags. Lots of bags. Pretty exciting, huh? Some folks skip the big outer individual bio bags and just put tubes straight in racks. And then I do recommend if you do that keeping them in a bin that says biohazard just to be extra careful. Okay. Alright, another giant bag. I've got a few different ways of collection kits that I've got out. Probably a faster way to do this, but you usually have help for this. Maybe we should give Carillon a rack, huh? It'll make this a lot easier. Given the state of things, the prevalence of the virus seems a little silly to put asymptomatic screening samples in a bunch of plastic, but we're following the rules. I'm gonna go ahead and just double check the lids. This is being extra cautious but We're just going to spray these with ethanol. I don't want to crank these down too tight. I should have counted them. I didn't. Well, hopefully we'll have enough inactivation solution. Okay, so the quick way to do this is spray them and then dry them as we pull them out. Oops. Probably get another rack for out here. We can probably just put them... Set them here.

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Do two at once. We should go get a rack. Natasha, you want to pause and go grab us a rack? I can actually just hold it while... If you want to keep rolling Christine, you want to say I can hold the camera while she does that? Sure. I think that one maybe you could stop and do a second cut or something. I don't know. Just because it's synced up. Synced up. Yeah, you're right. You're right. Okay. This is a little tedious. You grab the blue one, the blue big, the big blue one, Natasha. There we go. Clean in tubes. Exciting stuff here. And then there's a bin on the shelf that has a few more orange ones like that. Can you grab those? Maybe just, even just one more? Let's just do this the right way and put these in a rack. It's much more civilized. That way I won't knock them all over like that. Fantastic. You can put them over there on the left. Thank you. How many do you think we had? 36? 35? 35. That looks right. There we go. Okay. All right, 35. Okay so now starts the fun dispensing process. I'll try my visor again, we'll see. Okay. Catch that drip. Get faster at this at this. Got it on the side. Now that's just one exit activation solution. This one is drippy. That's probably faster. Put these over here. Over here. So that was an air bubble and this is why we have the pipette handy. Because we are going to need to use our overflow to top off. So, I'm going to eyeball it. Just a little more. Hopefully we won't get too many of those. So, I'm just going to prime it first, just to make sure. Not getting anything weird. Just to make sure I'm not getting anything weird. What happened here? Got an air bubble. Got an air bubble. There we go. You can also do it this way. I might need to be faster that way. There we go. Well, that's not gonna work. Well, that's not going to work. Check out this tube. Okay. Pop it off. I think I need to fix the tube down there. Oops, I should leave that behind. Make sure you get the caps on Nice and tight here.