FloodLAMP Test Training Video Course
Video 12 - Large Scale Inactivation

Shows the steps of inactivation on many samples, including safely removing equipment from the table, vortexing samples together in a rack, cleanliness protocols, placing the samples in a water bath with caution to avoid steam burns.


Test Trainer  [0:00](https://vimeo.com/668290807/3c156973e9?ts=0)
So, okay, so we got them all dispensed here and we're ready to vortex. So I'm just going to put this off the table because this is a... Don't want this to rattle around. Here we go. There we go. You know what, same with this guy. These guys are all done. There we go. Okay. So now, just to the side. So we're going to do 30 seconds here. There we go, same here. There we go. Just turn this off. Okay. There we go. Okay. Now I'm going to go ahead and change gloves. Here we go. Here we go. I'm going to put this up here. I'm just going to put these in here. Easy transport. Okay, now we go into the lab. There we go. I'm just going to put these in the water bath. So let me put this over here. Before you do any of that, Do you want me to get the other camera in here? Nope, nope. We'll just do it with this one. Okay. The biggest danger is steam burns here, so you kind of let the water drip like that. Then, I'm just going to put these in. There we go. We're going to start our timer. That way we'll pull the first ones out. Kind of go across. Okay. Okay. Okay. All right, now we let these cook for eight minutes.