FloodLAMP Test Training Video Course
Video 13 - Reaction Plate Prep

Shows preparation steps for running an entire plate of up to 94 samples. Emphasizes the use of foil, plastic bags, cold block, and plate seals.


Test Trainer  [0:00](https://vimeo.com/668272376/be640d2258?ts=0)
Okay, so we're gonna just show quickly here. We're not gonna actually do it, but we're gonna show the steps for doing a whole plate. It's very similar to the strip tube, except you can do the whole plate, you can do half the plate. So if you have partial plates, I do recommend storing them in foil. I have this in a foil in a bag. That way you keep them clean, even cleaner than the inside of a plastic bag. So the plates, they're all a little bit different. You'll probably have two or three different types that we have going. You'll see A1 is in the upper left. So you want to get it in the cold block like that. Then use a cold block lid to keep it covered. Get the rest of the plates away. This is why it's so handy to have the set of drawers right here. It cost about $30, but super helpful. Okay, so now this would be set up and we'd do just like we did before go into all the columns there once that's filled then you want to get a plate seal. So here you go and see how I do on this. Just want to start one edge, pull it across. You just want to make sure it gets fully covered. I was close there. You can see I started a little too far on the right. And then this sealer here, this plate has a little bit of a raised lip, so we're going to do it from both sides. There you go, and you just want to see all of the spots. Okay, you want to take this and again put it in a plastic bag. Okay, there's your sealed plate. You may also have, or if you don't, and it's a convenient format for you, you can request these. These are little 24 blocks, so they're basically plates that have been chopped up but are certified DNAase, RNAase free. And so in that case, you would want to take your plate seal, and with scissors you bleached and ethanoled cut sections that are sort of just big enough to cover these guys. And you can seal them the same way. Okay, that's the little plate setup here.