FloodLAMP Test Training Video Course
Video 15 - (Appendix) Setup

Details the process of organizing and cleaning a laboratory workspace, including taping off areas, using bleach and ethanol for cleaning surfaces and items like pens and phones, and the importance of maintaining a sanitized environment for testing.


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Okay, I'm just getting my space organized here. Now this is a bit of an unconventional setup because normally you have your your amp heater on a separate table here we have this all together for for a demonstration. What I've done is I've taped off the amp area because regardless, you should have that taped off because that's the black hole where stuff goes in and does it come out and we treat it like it's radioactive. So I've cleaned this whole table already with bleach and then ethanol. And now I'm getting, setting the stuff from the new table, my main table I'm going to clean here. So I got the bleach, got some towels I can set up here. And typically I prefer to spray the towel kind of away from the work area. And that's, so you just don't want a lot of bleach overspray. I wipe even stuff I'm gonna have around, including the pens and markers. This is really important. The green tape means it's clean. At the beginning of the day, it's a good idea to clean them again. If you do ever touch these with your bare hands, you need to put them somewhere where you know to clean them, like a box that says to clean or something. So we're going to kind of clean this in sections here so I can move this stuff over. Okay, so that's my bleach. Now I'm just going to do the same thing with ethanol. The ethanol displaces the bleach, leaves it a little bit cleaner. You don't want to leave stuff wet, you want it to dry pretty fast. So anything you're going to touch while you're working, it's just nice at the beginning to clean it and keep it clean. Okay, so now I've got this section clean, so I'm going to move my stuff over. There we go. There we go. Same thing with ethanol. Okay. Hit this with ethanol as well. Okay, I might be touching my camera here. I will be touching my phone, so I'm going to bleach my phone. It's good not to be distracted by your phone while you're working, but if you're going to end up needing it for photos or other things, good to bleach it. Just wipe it. Also usually bleach wipe the top of my chair. Okay, now ethanol.