FloodLAMP Test Training Video Course
Video 16 - (Appendix) Pipette Cleaning

Thoroughly cleaning of pipettes and their boxes using bleach and ethanol, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness and proper drying. Also includes organizing the cleaned equipment on the table.


Test Trainer  [0:00](https://vimeo.com/668088713/534352aaf0?ts=0)
So we just cleaned our table and we're gonna go through cleaning the pipettes real fast. Bring them over here. I'm just gonna wipe the outside of the boxes as well. So it's kind of nice to do this in an area usually kind of away from your work area. Just get over here. These I do just give a spray. You don't want this to get everywhere. Flip them over. Get them kind of top to bottom. So I wipe them in between. Make sure to get the top thumb part, and I give this guy a little like that, wipe spot. Just kind of keep wiping. Just got to get them nice and dry. I don't know if the manufacturers recommend this or not, or if they're worried about bleach. This is what I've been doing though. Okay, same thing with ethanol. Give a quick spray. Flip them over. Okay, and wipe. Okay, and wipe. There we go. Surface. There we go. Surface. Let's try to get it nice and dry. If your towel gets too wet, just get another one. You should have plenty of towels. Okay. I've done plenty of towels. Okay and one more quick bleach wipe. These guys, It's kind of where you touch them. Especially the thumb part. And then, look, one towel left, perfect. Okay, these guys. These guys. Okay. Here we go. These guys are all ready to go and I just put them on top of where they go. Make sure they... Oops. There we go. Actually, I'm just going to get these way out of the way. Alright, so now I get my stuff over here to the right. Tip bucket in the middle. Get these guys set up. Okay, now we're good to go. We're all set up, clean, pipette's clean, table clean, accoutrement's clean, we're good.