FloodLAMP Test Training Video Course
Video 17 - (Appendix) Dispensers

Shows the setup process for a dispenser, including organizing components, handling the 1X inactivation solution, ensuring cleanliness with a plastic bag, managing cords, and conducting a system test to confirm the dispenser's readiness for use.


Test Trainer  [0:00](https://vimeo.com/668273690/40c8936544?ts=0)
All right. We are getting prepared to do a run here. And first I'm going to go through setting up the dispenser. So we got it in a handy little Tupperware here. Got our 500 mil bottle and we just, I've got the whole controls. I just leave everything plugged in. It's easiest this way. Okay, and then I'm gonna stretch this cord across. There we go. And I just stick the whole head in a plastic bag to keep it clean. But before I do, I'm going to put our saline. Actually, I'm sorry, this is our 1X inactivation solution we just made. It's 50 mils for 35 samples. Should be enough overage. Oops. I should have my mask on when handling this. It's okay. Got a little drip. Okay, now we can go ahead and stick this guy on. Alright, all sealed up. Now we're gonna get this set up. This over here. This set up back here. Okay, actually you know what? We probably want to set this up on the other side because of the cord. Once we get it started we're not going to need a change. Nope. I think I can get it. Nope. See the plug right there. This thing does have batteries, so you can't operate it for a while without the plug. We are going to go ahead and plug it in though. System test. Okay. Everything's set up. One mil dispense, 10 iterations. Let's go ahead and prime it. Let's also get this cord out. Let's do a little cord management here. There we go. Okay, it's looking good. Okay, ready to go. Alright, so our dispenser is all set up. In case we need to catch a drip. Looks like there's a drip right there. Okay. All right.